Month: January 2019

North American Stadiums Every Sports Fan Should Visit

While making travelling plans most individuals make a list of all the must-see attractions, the most talked about tourist destinations and if you are on your way to North America it is important to list some of the amazing stadiums used by the local sports teams.

Sports are a huge part of the American culture, and whether you are an avid sports fan, sports bettor or simply a traveller exploring the country, you are bound to be impressed by the sports stadiums.

New York – New Yankee Stadium

Located in New York, the New York Yankee Stadium is the home base of the New York Yankees as well as the NYC FC of MLS. The stadium was built at the cost of 1.5 billion dollars and opened in 2009.

The massive structure offers great features including the Great Hall located between the inside and outside walls running from gate 4 to gate 6, while the stadium also impresses with the huge displays of LED screens and banners of Yankee players. The stadium is modern and also offers memorabilia at the New York Yankee Museum found at gate 6. If you’ve always wanted to attend a baseball game, the New York stadium is the perfect spot.

Enjoy A True Boston Experience at Fenway Park

If you wish you’re travelling experience to include as much of the local vibe as possible then the one place you should add to the top of your travel list is Fenway Park, after all, it is home to the Boston Red Sox. The stadium is not new and was recently listed on the National Register of Historic Places, which is even more reason to make sure you visit it.

The Fenway stadium has had several renovations and upgrades, and it is one of the sports stadiums where the streets are shut down before and after major sports events, which further contribute to the true Boston experience. Fenway’s historic charm is sure to impress anyone who loves the glitz and glam of huge historic buildings.

Visit the Stadium that broke the Guinness World Record for the Loudest Crowd

The stadium where the loudest crowd can be found is in Seattle, Washington and this massive stadium opened in 2002 and is home to NFL, Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Sounders FC of Major League Soccer. The stadium complex also features a plaza and the WaMu Theater where major trade shows and concerts take place apart from the major sports events. For an all-round Seattle experience, simply take get to the Seattle King Street Station and take the train to the stadium, the CenturyLink Field is every sports fan’s dream destination and a definite must-add to your travelling list of must-visit-places in North America. 

Unusual Museums You Have to Visit in America

In America things differ, museums stray from offering visitors just so much more than what they actually expect and if you’re planning a visit, do add the Bad Art Museum in Boston, UFO Museum in New Mexico and some of the other unusual museums on our list to ensure you’ll remember your trip for many years to come.

Boston’s Museum of Bad Art

While most art pieces are subjective, the opposite is true in Boston’s Bad Art Museum where the pieces are objectively appalling. The museum is home to paintings in which the artists completely missed the mark, and the art pieces are divided according to their problem areas. These include the unseen forces section in which paintings and sculptures represent the human psyche in the most bizarre form. There is also the portraiture section hosting paintings and drawings of distorted faces and to make this visit even more worthwhile every painting or other artform displayed highlights the pieces questionable origins via a narrative. 

Philadelphia’s Mutter Museum

It’s a museum for the brave and the ones with a strong stomach. The Mutter Museum features loads of pathological and anatomical specimens. It is managed by the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. The collections also feature 130 skulls as well as a bit of the neck tissue of John Wilkes. If you brave it out, you can get up really close to the tallest skeleton ever displayed and browse the instruments used for medical procedures in the 19th century.

Alexandria’s Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum

Established in 1792, the Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum in Alexandria is worth-while visiting since it takes visitors back in time. It was the apothecary shop of choice for important clients such as Robert E Lee and Martha Washington. Now it is the museum, home to the historic collection of memorabilia and medical equipment, where visitors get to browse the largest selection in the world of apothecary bottles.

Mount Horeb’s The National Mustard Museum

The idea of a Wisconsin National Mustard Museum was that of Barry Levenson. It first started during a trip to a supermarket that remained open all night. Once he had the idea, he started collecting over 5,000 jars of mustard from well over seventy different countries. Now visitors to his museum can taste different flavours at the tasting bar. It includes wasabi, tequila, spicy and sweet and it’s a delight no matter your preference.

Burlingame’s Pez Memorabilia Museum

At the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia, you get to treat your inner child, since the two-room museum is tiny and offers the most colourful Pez collection of 1950’s dispensers. This is also where you get to view the largest Pez dispensing machine in the world, towering like a white snowman and Gary Doss who is the owner offer private tours to visitors.

Independence’s Hair Museum

Anyone who loves going to the hair salon will enjoy the visit to the Hair Museum of Leila, where an impressive collection of art on display are created from human hair. The collection available to visitors include wreaths and jewellery dating as far back as the Victorian period, while the rate collections section features locks of hair of celebrities. Some of the rarest pieces include the mourning brooch featuring strands from an early statesman of America as well as the hair of Michael Jackson framed.

Uncommon Museums Everyone Should Visit in America

All over the world museums are a serious affair, it is a place that provides visitors with the option to enjoy walls lined with historic documents, painting and often artefacts protected behind glass sheets. Visit America and you get to view objects made from hair, UFO’s, a funeral museum and even, you guessed it a sex museum.

Roswell’s Research and UFO Museum

Flying saucers and life-size aliens are what attract thousands of visitors to the Research Centre & UFO Museum in Roswell NM. The museum is based in an old movie house and features souvenirs and extra-terrestrial memorabilia that depicts the UFO crash in 1947. Visitors can also watch videotapes regarding the infamous crash, which includes interviews with locals who saw the incident and the exhibits include astronauts, exhibits regarding crop circles and more about alien abductions.

McLean, Texas’ Devil’s Rope Barbed Wire Museum

When you get to the gate at the Devil’s Rope Barbed Wire Museum in McLean, two massive barbed wire spheres greet you. It is not only the entrance that contains barbed wire spheres but inside the museum the collection feature over 2,000 different variations of wire. This is where every visitor gets an inside look into fencing, view wire tools, browse patent models and view historical wire memorabilia.

Washington’s International Spy Museum

The International Spy Museum in Washington offers visitors a rare look at the most classified agencies around the world, but more focused on those of the nation. The museum provides you with the largest collection of artefacts in the spy world, these include former operatives of the FBI, CIA and the KGB. The Secret History of History display offers a behind the scenes insight into the word of a spy and if you want to learn more or discover a few facts surrounding the cold war espionage you need to walk into the maze of mirrors. What makes this a super exciting visit is the fact that everyone gets to participate in the operation spy, which is a high-stakes mission that takes place over an hour, it is a one-hour simulation of an operation of foreign intelligence.

Houston’s National Museum of Funeral History

Grab a few tissues and get to the National Museum of Funeral History in Houston, it is home to the biggest collection in the world of funeral service artefacts. The museum also features whatever you can expect from presidential funerals to the rarest mourning rituals. And once you there do not miss out on the exhibit of the history of embalming, where you get to view the mummification tools used by Egyptians. The museum also features the embalming station of the Civil War as well as the Ghana and Fantasy coffins featuring twelve uniquely designed resting places that include a KLM airliner, shallot and a Mercedes Benz.

New York City’s Museum of Sex

If it’s kinky you into and you’re over 18, then you won’t find kinkier than the Museum of Sex-based in New York. The museum of 14,000 square feet hosts a massive selection of S&M paraphernalia and pornographic photos, while it also features a whole range of sex exhibits. During a visit, you get to explore a range of topics starting from internet desires to animal sex lives and the museum offers a play bar serving a whole selection of sex-inspired entrees and cocktails.

Unique Green Colored Food & Drink in the United States

Political scandals, well at least most of them are basically based on the same story when you peel back the innocuous surface and the sweet and leave nothing but the nuts beneath. Well, that basically describes the Watergate Cake, so we might not have to wonder where the name originated and can rather remain focused on the flavour of this green treat that does offer a bit of the nostalgia that brought down a US president.

Watergate Cake Beneath its Cover-up of Sweet Icing Lies a Heap of Nuts

The history of the Watergate Cake can be traced back to 1972 and the evening of the thwarted burglary. An evening that started out with a salad that really was a pudding. After the resignation of Richard Nixon in 1974 some salads were renamed as Watergate salads and the Watergate Cake was created, while the cake was “covered-up” in green icing it was also supposed to hide a whole lot of nuts and its sweet taste was to remind of a shocking period in political history. During your visit to America, you might not find the Watergate Cake in many bakeries, but you would be able to find it in the instant food aisles.

German Ale Gets A Neon Makeover That Makes it a US Favorite

While we focus on green treats, it is necessary to step back in time to a sweltering hot day spent at the brewery in Germany. This is where the Berliner Wiesse originates from and the taste is fizzy, tart and have the perfect herbaceous twang. Compared to the country’s crisp lagers the Berliner Wiesse is somewhat of an oddity. The sour one the gose hearkens back to northern Germany brewers.

For various reasons, which remains unfortunate for the German’s, the Berliner Weisse’s popularity faded although it is available if you prepared to go to extreme efforts in the country. Where you would be able to enjoy it more easily is during your visit to the USA, where neon green beer is popular and much enjoyed.

The tart acidity was found by the French, which was coupled with the high levels of effervescence that is found in sparkling wine. When Napoleon pushed his way into Germany his troops called Berliner weisse the best Champagne found in the North. By the 19th century, the drink was found too tart by the Germans, who started to add sweeteners to it, originally the process involved the addition of caraway-based liqueur called Kummel. The green-tinged syrup is inspired by the sweet-scented plant called bedstraw.

The best time to relax with a Berliner Weisse in your hand is during the summer months when this beer containing 4% alcohol level is served cold. The USA is in the lead when it comes to the most authentic re-creations of the Berliner Weisse and it versions included both canned and bottled version that do not contain sweet syrups, ensuring you get to enjoy the tang that is refreshing and makes this drink standout.

Visit the First Beer Hotel in America

It is every beer lovers dream destination, which is why the DogHouse Hotel is now also one of the most popular tourist destinations in America. The only requirement is that you have to really love beer, love collecting beer bottles and have a passion for homemade brews or craft beers. The DogHouse Hotel knows what branding is really about and could probably teach quite a few businesses on how to brand their product.

Brewdog Owners Creates A Buzz Like Non-Other

BrewDog is a craft beer company based in Scotland, which haven’t sold any of its beer in the United States, although the owners had a great marketing strategy and that was to open up a hotel, more exactly a beer hotel. Utilizing a unique marketing campaign not only created a buzz but also got the word out. Yet the advertising and marketing strategy includes a variety of additional offers that appeal to all beer enthusiasts. Based in Columbus, Ohio the 100,000 square foot Brewdog brewery is now added to via a hotel, titled the DogHouse, which is located next to the brewery and guests from the hotel can look forward to an experienced tailored to satisfy any super-series beer lover’s appetite.

Beer-Infused Breakfasts, Hop Infused Shower Gels and a Craft Beer Spa!

The Daily Mail recently placed a special article about the beer hotel as well as all its special visitors treats. The DogHouse Hotel also features a craft beer spa, offering malted barley massages, hop face masks, happy feet pedicures and hop-infused products is available including hop-infused shower gels and hop-infused shampoos.

DogHouse Hotel Special Room Facilities

Apart from the list of treatments available at the beer spa, guests can also enjoy a stay in a room overlooking the feeders in the brewery, while each room features a mini-fridge stocked with specially selected craft beers. The finest beer offerings from the brewery are also available on tap and guests get to enjoy tours through the brewery.

Happiest Hotel on Earth

The unique menu includes beer-infused lunches, dinners and breakfast each matched up with beers. A stay at the Doghouse Hotel is dominated by malt, hops and a range of the most incredible beers. From your breakfast to your shower is infused with beer and from the view of each room to the stocked minibars, Doghouse Hotel is now described as the happiest place on earth. Brewdog has crafted one of the most creative ways to market its beer and the Doghouse Hotel gets all the attention the owners hoped it would. By connecting its speciality beer brand with a hotel is one of the most original marketing ideas, while the addition of the beer-infused spa treatments and specially created menus, adds that special touch that made the Doghouse Hotel reach every beer drinkers bucket list!