Month: December 2018

Wonderfully Weird Places to Visit in America

No other country offers as many photo-worthy attractions as America and while most instantly think of the Statue of Liberty or the Golden Gate Bridge, there are so much more. The list of sites is cool, weird, wonderful, amassing and includes everything and anything from unusual to extra-terrestrial! Grab your camera and join us we visit the most picturesque destinations in the USA.

First Stop: Death Valley National Park

For many decades the travelling rocks at the Death Valley National park have perplexed visitors as well as scientists. This destination is famous for being one of the driest and hottest places in North America as well as its unearthly landscape consisting of towering mountain peaks, rolling sand dunes and lush forests. Yet the wonderfully weird part is the Racetrack found in the California side of the park appears visually as a tiled-like dried lake bed disturbed by travelling rocks. The rock paths are clearly visible and according to scientists these more across the hot sand when the bit of rainfall freezes, gets melt by the sun and then the rocks of around 270 kg slide. Death Valley National Park is also known for its extremes, it has a rainfall of 6 centimetres per year and its temperature can be up to 57 degrees Celsius and this is the spot used to film several Star War episodes.

From Moving Rocks to Unidentified Flying Objects

Area 51 is mentioned in every episode of Twilight Zone and 134 kilometres north of Las Vegas this testing site of the U.S. Air Force is what makes conspiracy theorists and sci-fi readers believe that extra-terrestrial life exists. They believe the unidentified flying object has been spotted in the area, which is the main reason why it remains a top-secret area and no one is allowed to even park neat the Area 51 entrance. But it is still well worth visiting as you get to fill your car at the gas station that is completely alien-themed, while several gift shops and restaurants are based along the Nevada State Route 375 best known as the Extra-terrestrial Highway.

Leaving the UFO area, Travel Towards an area known for its Spooky Presence

Found below the Seattle overpass, the Fremont district is known since 1990 for its spooky presence. It is here where the troll is, built by four artists in promoting urban removal, the troll is 5.5 meters high, and he clutches a Volkswagen Beetle in one hand while the giant supports himself with the other as he is rising out of the ground. The Fremont Troll attracts thousands of tourists from around the globe and he is perfect for anyone looking to take a truly memorable photo.

From Spooky to the Castle Built by Him who has Super Powers

Thousands if not millions of tourists have visited the area about 50 kilometres south of Miami to view the Coral Castle. Build by an immigrant Ed Leeds it is built from 1,000 metric ton of rock. The structure is truly magnificent and according to speculation, Ed had supernatural abilities as he hand-built it by himself without the help of machinery.

Christmas Day in America

With the huge diversity of cultures, there are many traditions in the United States, which makes it quite difficult to pinpoint one specific tradition celebrated on Christmas Day. Most of the holiday activities including Christmas day varies from one family to the next, mostly depending on their cultural heritage and the family itself.

Diverse Cultures Blend into A Unique Christmas Celebrating Community

The closest the celebrations of a typical Christmas Day can be described is a blend of Belgian, Austrian, Polish traditions into a unique situation of their own. With the variety of nationalities and cultures calling the USA home as well as the volume of people arriving to celebrate Christmas with families or just in the USA, what takes place on Christmas Day itself is even more unique. What also has a huge impact on the holidays and how these are spent or celebrated is the weather conditions, some enjoy Christmas under a large sparkling blanket of snow that offers the perfect white Christmas, elsewhere the day is spent on the beach. Yet the whole idea of a white Christmas is seen by most people around the world as the way this special day should be celebrated, which is also the most favoured by marketing teams.

The Christmas Tree in America

As it does almost everywhere else in the world, the Christmas tree is a hugely important part of celebrating Christmas Day in America and most homes have some form of a tree and decorations. The tree is often topped by an angel that announces the birth of Jesus, while others prefer a large star representing the Bethlehem Star. Most of the trees are decorated with ornaments passed on from one generation to the next and each peace have a special meaning. The way the tree is decorated often have a lot to do with the heritage of the family and when it comes to Christmas lights the more, the better. In just about all houses the Christmas tree is placed in a spot that makes it possible for passers-by to view from the street.


In America not only, the inside of the house is decorated for Christmas, but in most regions, it is quite the tradition to also decorated the outside of the house. It all depends on the weather conditions and apart from lights around the house and on the outside trees many Americans also decorates the outside with snowmen Santa’s, reindeers, snowflakes, streams of flashing lights and large outdoor decorations. In many towns homeowners also outline the architectural features of their houses with Christmas lights and place ornaments outside that represents Mary and Joseph sitting around the crib, to celebrate the birth of Christ.


Food served or enjoyed on Christmas plays a major part of the celebrations, and with friends dropping by to deliver gifts or just good wishes, every home is stocked with special treats. A whole different shopping list is made to ensure everyone dropping by can enjoy a special drink and something to eat, which in many cases are home-baked cookies. Many of the families in America serve a traditional Christmas dinner, which includes vegetables, turkey, potatoes, cranberry sauce a salad or two and a dessert. When it comes to desert the traditional, Christmas-pudding remains a hot favourite.

New Years in America

Ask anyone, where you should spend New Year’s Ever in America and the answers and suggestions, will include Las Vegas and New York City. It is the two places where the parties are bigger, the parties are more televised, and the countdown is dramatic as the clock ticks to midnight. Although beyond all the glitz and glamour you’ll find in Vegas and New York there are several destinations that could offer you a New Year’s Eve you’ll never forget.

Louisiana – New Orleans

The best party destination for all year-round partying is New Orleans. The locals are super friendly, the weather warm and the bars remain open till late, it is the place where people walk around with their favourite adult beverage, meet new friends and enjoy a climate perfect for all night partying. The New Year’s Eve celebrations take place at Jackson Square in the French Quarter, entertainers and bands keep the party going throughout the night, fireworks across the Mississippi River is part of the final countdown just before midnight and continues as the new year arrives. The party continues afterwards at nightclubs and bars situated on Bourbon Street. If you want to plan something really unique then book with the Creole Queen for a firework cruise or the Natchez steamboat.

California – San Francisco

San Francisco offers numerous New Year’s parties as it is located on the bay, the New Year’s events are as unique as the city itself. The Bay front is where spectacular fireworks offer a show like none other. You can cruise on the Hornblower boat where brunch and dinner are offered as you get to countdown the last hours to midnight on the fireworks cruise. Everywhere else there are several festivities to choose from, you can book at any of the New Year’s Eve balls, go all posh and book a black and white ball or join thousands at the Passport to the World ball, where several DJ’s play, entertainers and live music is played, and the bar remains open all night. If it is a more casual approach to the new year you like, then the Twin Peaks rooftop is what you’ll love, it is one of the highest points, and you still have the option to watch the most remarkable firework show at the Embarcadero.

Orlando, Florida, Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World knows how to throw a party worth attending and the New Year’s Eve Party caters for both adults and children. Decadent dining, dazzling dance parties, toasting to a sparkling new year and mesmerising fireworks are all part of the line-up planned for the 31st of December. Every year Walt Disney World also offers special New Year’s packages that include various hotels. The most popular package option is watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks while dining at the California Grill situated in the Contemporary Disney Resort. Several other events are also worth considering and include tasty treats, a dash of magic like only Disney can, and great music at the Atlantic Dance Hall situated in the Board Walk Disney Resort.

Unusual Christmas Traditions Around the World

Things that influence the traditions around Christmas more than everything else is location, culture and the weather. With the massive Scandinavian population in Minnesota, Christmas is celebrated via Nordic food and lutefisk. Wreaths in New Mexico is made of dried chillies instead of dried fruits or leaves.

Every State in America Puts Its Own Spin on Christmas Traditions

It really does not matter where you’re planning to spend your Christmas holidays, every state in the US has a special holiday celebration, which will ensure your trip to America remains memorable for many years to come, if your plan to visit Reno, you’ll get to attend the Santa Claus race, Nevada offers a holiday spirit like no other and in Rochester you get to see a massive Christmas tree made formed of beer kegs, which highlights any trip to New York during the festive season.


The highlight of the holiday season is the Alaskans parade, in which a wooden star is moved from each house to the next, the wooden star is a representation of the Star of Bethlehem.
The tradition of selaviq of the Russian Orthodox is also referred to as starring, and only days before Russian Christmas, which falls on the 7th of January, a wooden star is carried by parishioners partaking in the parade. As the star moves from one house to another the crowd increases and more and more residents join the parade.
Arizona, Chandler

This is where you will find the largest Christmas tree in the world made of tumbleweed. It is also the most popular attraction during the festive season and thousands of tourists visit Arizona to enjoy the view offered by the giant tumbleweed Christmas tree. The assembling of the tree made only of dry Tannenbaum starts already in September and once completed it remains lit for the entire Christmas season, in Chandler the tradition of lighting the tree made of tumbleweed goes back more than 60 years.


If you travelling to the USA during the festive season, one place you have to add to your touring schedule is Arkansas. Visitors get to follow the trail of Christmas lights forms one off to the other in this state. Ostentatious Christmas displays are nothing new and lights display can be seen around the globe, although none come close to Arizona. This is where each of the states connects their light displays to the giant trail that runs through the entire state. Mapped to make it easy to follow, visitors can easily follow the trail of holiday lights and enjoy awe-inspiring displays as they drive from one to the other.

Cemetery in Washington DC

With all the bright light displays and wonderful Christmas celebrations in the USA, there are no shortages of magnificent traditions, yet one stands out above all and that is the laying of wreaths on every single grave in the Arlington National Cemetery. In honouring the fallen a non-profit organization places a holiday wreath on graves in Washington as well as on graves in more than 1,200 other locations in America.