Washington Holds July 4th Celebrations During Pandemic.

The 244th Celebration of America’s birth occurred over July 4th, with many metropolises & countless rural towns participating in celebrations amid the recommendations of health experts with the Centre of Disease Control. One significant metropolis that should’ve stood for solidarity against COVID-19 & the Black Lives Matter Movement proved the exact opposite. The nation’s capital of Washington, D.C. held the most prominent fireworks display in American history, the brainchild of President Donald Trump.

The President negated recommendations from the Centre of Disease Control & the Mayor of D.C. in Washington. The Mayor recommended his civilians stay home to avoid continued exposure of COVID-19 to fellow Americans. Knowing fully that recommendations wouldn’t be maintained, the United States Park Police inquired 300+ thousand masks & setup 100+ hand sanitizer stations. Law enforcement and the National Park Service requested that those entering the CDC Guidelines administer protective face equipment. Inside sources claim that countless violent altercations ensued from these requests, prompting multiple arrests & thousands to join the Washington Monument.

Social distancing became impossible with the crowd reaching an estimated 100+ thousand Americans from across the Eastern Seaboard. Celebrations weren’t seen during the July 4th Fireworks, with violent & enraging protests amongst Trump Supporters to African Americans being seen instead. Photographs from the venue indicate that law enforcement stood long into the morning, preventing altercations from reaching a life-threatening level.

When D.C. Police began breaking apart protestors & rioters, then enforcing the law with multiple arrests, the Washington Hall became deserted in comparison to hours before. Litter was seen across an iconic field seen in films like Forest Gump, with a few hundred unwilling to leave the premise. Police watched silently from afar until these individuals grew tired & weak, ultimately leaving the facility.

The Ignorance of Donald Trump

Donald Trump stood alongside his supporters, silently making racist undertones that anyone in the current American climate could understand. He iterated sentiments similar to what was seen 24 hours earlier at Mount Rushmore. Trump continued to harbour resentment towards protestors destroying monuments from the Confederate Era, clarifying that he’ll support this period of history by commissioning “The National Park of American Heroes”. Statues of Slave Owners, Rapists, and Murders will be on display.