Do Enjoy American Folk Music During Your Visit

There is no real nameable origin for American folk music because it grew more out of communal tradition than profit or entertainment. Folk songs as a term cover several musical styles, which includes from Cajun to Western, Appalachian to Zydeco music and then all the way to tunes of the urban diaspora. Within the tradition of folk music in America, the folk songs are the ones that use traditional modes to speak or melodies. The traditional folk songs can address political or social issues such as a popular opinion, work or even war, while others are ballads telling the stories of families, then there are love songs and some that can only be classified as nonsense songs.

American Music in the 20th Century

Folk Music returned in the 20th century into the psyche of America as workers struggled, they gathered in union halls, living rooms and churches to sing folk songs. It helped them cope with their harsh work environment. Songwriters such as Joe Hill was discovered as they adapted the tunes of Baptist hymns and replaced the words with verses regarding the struggles experienced by the labours. These were sung by workers during strikes and when they gathered in union halls. Woody Guthrie was another who worked that headed full of hope to California to find employment and wrote hundreds of songs before 1967 when he died. Guthrie was one of the most important figures in folk music and his most known song “This Land Is Your Land” continues to inspire millions both musically and politically.

American Folk Music in New York

Folk music blossomed in the 1950s to the 1960s in New York, especially in the coffee houses and clubs in Greenwich village showcasing singles like Bob Dylan, Paul and Mary and Judy Collins. New York still offers visitors an array of top music halls and pubs where folk music can be enjoyed.

New York’s Best Venues for Old-Timey Folk Music and Foot-Stomping Bluegrass

One place that rocks in Manhattan is the Postcrypt Coffeehouse an all-acoustic venue in the St. Paul’s Chapel basement. It is run by students and founded in 1964. Just to confirm that New York is everything but all about rock ‘n roll, the Greenwich Village coffee shops such as Hank’s Saloon and Japoly Theatre are only two of the best honky-tonk places to visit. Hank’s Saloon is referred to by the New York Times as a Boerum Hill Bar where the old days will never end, waiting to hand you, your first drink is Jeannie Talierco who has worked at Hank’s for more than 20 years. So, if it is the search to find a bit of America’s folk song history, you’re after do book at Hank’s Saloon where there is are no history, it is still in the making.

Things Americans Think is Normal that Foreigners Do Not

It is normally outsiders that point out the unique behaviours of Americans. US citizens like to go big, and that includes the amount they tip, the size of their burgers, sodas, it is the one thing that first-time visitors are amazed by. Then there are also the things that are odd to visitors and completely normal to the Americans, which are also interesting.

Instead of Hello, how are You?

What at first throws visitors is when they just arrived in the US and the shop assistants ask how are you doing when they actually mean hello, it’s a form of greeting more than an actual question and a great way to open conversation. The funny thing is that European visitors always start talking about their well-being instead of yes accepting that it is a way of greeting.

American Flags Everywhere

Americans love their blue, red and white flags and no matter whether it is Veteran’s Day or the Fourth of July, every day is flag day. Flags can be seen on lapel pins, on cars and in the front yards of houses. There are not many countries that can compete with the love US citizens have for their flags, and it is unquestionably one of the things that make America great.

Skittles, Grape Flavour

Skittles and in particular “grape” flavour is what American’s love, in Australia and the UK the flavour is referred to as blackcurrant. Yet in America, it is the grape flavour everyone loves, blackcurrant used to be a popular flavour, but that was only until legislators banned it because it then served as a wood-destroying vehicle for the disease known as the white pine blister rust.

Where do Americans Go on Vacation?

Outside of the US, holidays or vacations are what everyone is looking forward to after a year of hard work as everyone gets to spend a few weeks away from home. In the US taking time off for holiday is actually treated as a dark secret and is not as common as everywhere else in the world. Most employees have vacation days piling up. Many outsiders find the workaholism in the USA bizarre.

In the USA they Drink from Red Solo Cups

Apart from the large portions served in restaurants and the amazing taste of the food available in the US, one thing Americans do is drinking from red cups. The red solo cups are seen in the country as a symbol of backyard barbeques and college keggers. They are used at all social gatherings, and even while they have hardly seen outside of the USA, they are the main cup from which booze are consumed. When Seth Stevenson was asked about the red solo cups he explained that the main attraction to some is the opaque colour, which makes it impossible for law officers or other authorities to tell what is inside, the red solo cup’s sturdy design and in its latest version the square bottom also makes it a cup easy to hold. Plus it is red, so it is one of the three colours most loved by the USA.

Pastries Most Loved in the US

Humanity has been consecrated via bakeries and confectionaries since the Roman empire days. A millennium later the artform of baking has advanced into the self-indulgent day-dreams of Caligula himself. Culinary artists have bend tradition delights into new forms of brilliance, ground-breaking innovations have influenced the style of backing, patisseries reached new delightful heights, and some of the most amazing bakeries are now based in America. So, when you next plan a trip to the land of plenty, here are some of the bakeries that would be a sin to miss.

Arcade Bakery New York

Arcade Bakery is Church Street, and with its name stamped onto the outside, it is quite easy to find, while the lobby of about 300 feet takes you to the counter stacked with the most delicious pastries. The baker can be seen fiddling with the dough in the open kitchen, and the smell is overwhelming and instantly alert your taste buds of what is to follow. There is a slew of sourdough loaves, buckwheat baguettes to choose from while the pastries clearly French-influenced include whiskey-pecan babka, caramel apple brioches and savoury as well as sweet croissants.

Should you enjoy a mightily staked sandwich, flaky croissant or one of the just-prepared pizzas, chances are that you would feel like shouting at the passers-by that they are missing out on the best treats America has to offer. Once you’ve spoiled your taste buds to this kind of treats you might want to visit Arcade Bakery every day while you are visiting New York, yet we have another surprise in store, and it is also situated in the big apple.

Dominique Ansel Bakery

Dominique Ansel invented the Cronut, and he is known as the French wizard of pastries, he merely rolls a croissant into a circle, and already he has you hooked. Science defying bakes decorates the cabinet and by 7 am every morning proverbial lines find their way out the door as the baking or more than 350 croissants are freshly stacked in doughnut hybrids.

It is not easy ordering just one thing as there are Ansel’s frozen s’mores decorated with chocolate wafers and vanilla custard ice cream served in a behemoth of marshmallow torched to order, then there are the cookie shots shaped in shot glass form filled with Tahitian vanilla milk after they lined with dark chocolate. That is not even touching the list of French desserts such as Tarte tatins or chocolate eclairs on the inventory, so do yourself a favour add this one to your list of New York’s unique treats.

San Francisco & Denver Bakeries

The two bakeries that follow the boutique’s bakeries above includes B. Patisserie in San Francisco known for serving the best sugary cakes and a marvellous selection of macarons, apple tart and almond streusel. Should your travels take you to Denver, then do try and make your way to Babettes Artisan Breads the variety of bread include daily country loaves and porridge bread, while the pastry counter offers the nicest molten-centre chocolate cakes and apple croissants.

Best Teas in Tennessee

Located in the heart of country music, Tennessee, favoured for it honky-tonks, yet one thing visitors are often surprised by is the southerners infatuation with tea, not any tea sweet tea. With fruit being a regional speciality, home kitchens and restaurants throughout the state serve pineapple and orange juices, lemonade and limeade made with sweet tea and the hot favourites is fruit tea.

Right Up Tea-lovers Alley

Alley Cat tea is made with filtered water, oranges, cane sugar, pineapples and black tea. The tea contains no artificial flavours and 48% of it is juice. It is also available at most stores in the natural foods section throughout Tennessee as well as in major retailers in Virginia, Illinois, Mississippi, Indiana, Georgia and Kentucky.

Tennessee is as famed for its delicious fruit teas as what Nashville is for its super-hot chicken. The beauty of the locally produced tea is that it can be enjoyed hot as a spicy tea or served cold, while it is also used more often than not as a marinade for pork or chicken, tea is as versatile as your creativity allows. 2016 was a big year for tea lovers in Tennessee as Alley Cat added a brand new flavour to its range called Southern Mint tea. The tea offers a subtle hint of mint and was created especially for the people in the South known for liking a fresh sprig of mint to their favourite refreshment.

Tea-rrific Southern Fruity Ice Tea Recipe:

4 iced tea bags, either Luzianne or Lipton
2 quarts water
½ a cup of honey or sugar
1 can frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed
2 mini cans pineapple juice 12 ounces

Boil the water, allow tea bags too steep for at least 15 minutes, remove and discard tea bags, add more honey or sugar, stir well. Leave to cool and then add the brewed tea into a pitcher of at least gallon size, add juice concentrates, add the pineapple juice as well as lots of ice. Another enjoyable recipe is the Kinky Kitty Cocktail, which requires 5 parts of Alley Cat tea, 1 part clear rum and 1 part coconut rum, although it is more suited for weekends. Once the ingredients are mixed well, the kinky kitty cocktail is served over ice and garnished with fresh fruit.

Tea Drinking at Southern Restaurants

Most restaurants in Tennessee serve fruit tea including the Loveless Café, Star Bagel, Baja Burrito and American Grill. A ginger ale taste is added to the fruit tea in Brentwood, at the Puffy Muffin bakery the ginger teas offering a surprising flavour twist has been served for more than thirty years and can be ordered sweet or unsweetened. The difference between the sweet tea served in Tennessee and that in Brentwood is that the ginger tea is not made with pineapple, although it also contains limeade and orange juice.

In Columbia fruit tea is a local favourite and served at most restaurants since 2003. The thirst-quenching drink is perfect for summer or winter, while sweet tea is not only an adult treat but loved by children as well.

Awesome Things To Do in Dallas

Whether you see yourself as a life-long native or perhaps its your first time visiting Dallas, you can’t say you completely know the city like the back of your hand until you worked through our list of the best things to do while visiting Dallas. The big D is frequently overshadowed by the neighbouring city known as Austin due to its incredible festivals, coffee shops, and hip bars, but visiting Dallas has plenty of excitement and fun to offer along with delicious food and amazing restaurants. From incredible fine-dining to world-class museums and huge doses of the Wild West, you will never be bored in Dallas.

Attractions – The Sixth Floor Museum

Previously known as the School Book Depository in Texas, The Sixth Floor Museum is a one-of-a-kind centre that chronicles the death of John F. Kennedy which documents every single angle and looks at the history of presidents from a cultural and historical perspective.

Restaurants – Fearing’s Restaurant

If you consider yourself a food lover then Fearing’s Restaurant is a must-visit destination. It offers a sophisticated layout within a fashionable Ritz-Carlton Hotel. The chef specializes in traditional food with a marvellous twist, producing unusual flavour pairings that are absolutely mouth-watering. Dishes include chicken-fried Maine lobster, wood-grilled antelope sirloin, and buffalo tenderloin.

Fitness and Sports – Texas Horse Park

A short 8-minute drive from downtown, the incredible 300-acre park is situated within the beautiful Great Trinity Forest. With hippotherapy, trail rides, and riding lessons, the park is a tribute to the equestrian history of Texas. You can easily channel your inner cowgirl or cowboy with freshwater springs, ancient trees, and an archaeological Native American site, while Dallas provides a gorgeous glimmer on the horizon.

Things To Do – Klyde Warren Park

The Klyde Warren Park opened its doors in 2012 and is considered one of the best destinations in Dallas to visit. Constructed over a reclaimed railway line, the incredible greenway combines the art district and the city’s uptown together. There are also loads of free daily activities, such as yoga, concerts, ice-skating, chess, badminton, and table tennis to ensure you never get bored.

Historical Buildings – Southfork Ranch

Southfork Ranch is a mere 30-minute drive from downtown and is seen as the home of the Ewing clan, a dysfunctional TV show of the city. Your trip to Dallas will simply not be complete without visiting the renowned White House west of D.C. Explore the house and museum nearby, as you enjoy J.R’s room as well as the gun that shot him.

Art, Sculpture – The Nasher Sculpture Centre

This tranquil space is situated in the Art District of Dallas and is home to the best collection of contemporary and modern art across the globe. With temporary exhibitions and permanent collections too, there is always something for everyone to view all year round. The two-acre garden is fantastic for Instagrammers and photographers thanks to exceptional works by George Segal, Henry Moore, and Rodin. You can even enjoy outdoor movie screenings and live music.

Cost of Visiting Orlando Florida

A great way to cut costs while vacationing is staying stateside, although domestic destinations are not equally created when it comes to holiday expenses. To really determine the cost of holidaying there are several costs to keep in consideration such as the nightly rate, food and drinks. Most interesting is which destinations would lower travellers bank balances by the most, so we went all out, I mean we did “all out” in style.

In hotel stays seasonality hugely affect prices in most tourist hotspots. No matter how expensive the destination, savvy spenders know how to even cut cost in the swankiest of spots, so maybe with careful planning and using some of the saving tips that dream holiday is affordable after all.

Orlando Florida On a Budget

By searching for discounts and deals a visit to this central Florida theme park mecca could cost around $237 per person per day. The discounted prices are for September and a week stay for a single person would work out to about $1,661, or $3,322 for a couple. Meals per day can be estimated at $50 for one day per person, bottled water $4.65, local transport $49, and in entertainment, entrance tickets to shows are on average $163.

Orlando is a tourists haven for tourists from aboard and citizens of the United States. Walt Disney is the most famous, located near the Buena Lake. Over 50 million tourists visit the area yearly, and therefore the city offers entertainment options for all ages.

Orlando Climate

Orlando has the same climate as the rest of Florida, its summers are hot and humid, while winters are cooler and comfortable. At most two weeks of uncomfortable cold weather are not unusual and the best time to visit is around summer or spring break, although it is extremely crowded and prices increase during peak seasons.

Amazing Sights in Orlando

If you are planning a trip to Orlando, chances are you already know it is a destination that is really all about parks. This is the home of SeaWorld, Universal Studios and Walt Disney World, amongst so many others. The most visited, most famous and one everyone dream of visiting is Walt Disney World which has numerous parks in it, including the Animal Kingdom, Epcot Centre and the Magic Kingdom, while it also feature many restaurants as well as hotels at a wide range of quality and price levels. What surprises most is that in addition to various hotels it also offers the Disney campground.

Many tourists and visitors purchase a vacation package when visiting Disney World that includes some meals and hotel stays as well as admission to the theme parks. While for most tourists the packages offered by Disney appears to be the best option, the most cost-effective alternative would be to find accommodation at one of the discounted hotels around the park, most of these offer a shuttle service and park tickets are available at discounted rates.

Unique US Destinations that Permits You to Discover Yourself

Maybe the most satisfying journey of all is one allowing us to find ourselves, destinations that offers aspects such a history, the chance to embrace nature, expand on our knowledge and brightens our day, allowing dreams of the future. Several US destinations offer inspiration and appeal to travellers on a journey to discover themselves, their creative side, harmonious passion, somatic side and to re-discover what being stress-free is all about.

Creative Coast of Savannah

William Bull and James Oglethorpe meticulously planner their new settlement in 1734, which is the reason for Savannah’s designing and arty atmosphere, every corner, square and street was planned fastidiously. The squares are now framed in Spanish moss bearing live Oaks and became the picture-perfect destination for building antebellum mansions and elegant townhouses. It is the home of the Telfair Academy, oldest public art museum offering the visitor a collection of nineteenth and twentieth century European and American artworks. It is here where the most prestigious of all art schools can be found, and the Savannah College of Art & Design’s museum has its own art collection consisting of 4,500 artworks

Nashville The Harmonious Dreamland

Just hearing the word Nashville immediately bring images of cowboys stomping their boots to the rhythm of honky-tonks, it’s home to musicians since the early 1920s. It’s the place where live bluegrass and country music can be heard all the way down Lower Broadway, a pleasant sound carried on the beer-perfumed air. One place that is well worth stopping by is Robert’s Western World, if it is funky you’re after then the Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar is just the place. The Schermerhorn Symphony Centre is for the sophisticated, grandiose melodies further beautifies this fabulous setting.

Mythical Wonder Key West

In the same way, an ancient novels dusty pages are bound by leather, Ernest Hemingway is connected to Key West, he called it his home until 1940. It is here where he wrote “The Green Hills of Africa” and “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber”. Robert Frost lived here from 1945 until 1960, there is now a festival name after this prolific author, The Robert Frost Poetry Festival taking place in April. Stephen King fans are bound to find this an inspiring fact to visit Key West as the old Fort East Martello Museum is where the Robert the Doll” can now be found, whatever you do, don’t question its powers.

San Diego Perfect Weather City

North America’s city offering the most wonderful weather in San Diego, it is here where travellers have more than enough reason to enjoy the outdoors. It consists almost of perfect hiking trails along Harbor Drive and the waterfront, the beautifully manicured promenades are just what you need to enjoy jogging or even a long walk. California invented, commoditized and then exported skateboarding so it’s a city dotted with exceptional skateparks.

Only a few hours up to a day is needed to get back your sporty self and ready to enjoy the Pacific beaches where windsurfing, sailing and kayaking are offered along the 27-mile shoreline. Don’t miss out on diving and the change to explore shipwrecks and kelp beds. After a few days of rollerblading and cycling you be rested, motivated and ready to enjoy life with a new song in your heart, probably one that became your favourite during your Nashville visit.

Some Tips on how to Travel in America Efficiently

The Five Cities in the US you must travel toWhile it may not look like it when viewing a map, the United States of America is a large country filled with a plethora of places to visit, explore, and experience. While some people may think the cities and states in America are alike, each one is filled with its own unique characteristics which make it stand out and even more enjoyable. Some are filled with historical landmarks, national parks, and even fun festivals that no one would want to miss out on. Though travelling in this exciting country takes more than just a passion for exploration – you must account for the travelling itself, which destinations should you be looking for, what things to do, as well as some general tips, to make sure your experience is the best one possible.

General Advice

Before you set out on your trip to explore the USA, you should realise that its impossible to visit all 50 states unless you have a solid few months of free time to get the full experience. However, this means that you have to get your priorities set and prepared beforehand. If your goal is to visit a few states, then an excellent way to accomplish this is spending a maximum of four nights in each place so that you will have enough time to explore without getting bored of it.

Another tip of valuable advice is to keep the weather and season in mind. One thing that the United States is known for is being either extremely hot or cold depending on the season. While some states such as Florida, is usually never affected by it but it’s still something to keep in mind while planning a trip. On the other hand, certain seasons will bring in even more travellers into the states. For example, avoiding travelling through major holidays, such as New Years and the Fourth of July might save you a headache.

Getting Around

There are a handful of helpful ways to get around while travelling in the United States. People have their choices for cars, planes, buses, trains, and of course, cars. Though, each transportation method does come with its own perks and cons. For starters, trains and buses will be crowded with people and may take a bit longer due to all the steps in between the destinations. While planes are quicker, you still have to find transportation after landing, and cars will require you to sit behind the wheel and fill up the gas on occasion. However, after getting where you want to spend your trip, finding out which transportation method will be best for you and the family would be easier and more convent rather than planning it first. If you do plan on driving yourself, it’s always a pro tip to choose a car that’s good on gas as prices can vary from region to region and can easily cause a dent in spending money.

The Ultimate Things to Experience in Disney World

If your visit is going according to your bucket list of must do things, then make sure your list has the following on it, including some of the park’s secrets, restaurants and other attractions bound to make your Walt Disney World vacation the most magical of all.

Meet Your Favourite Characters in True Disney Style

Reserve a character dining experience and your favourite character will come to you, which takes away queuing to meet Winnie the Pooh or Micky Mouse. Do some research, and you’ll know where each of the characters hangs out.

Don’t Miss the Fireworks

There is nothing like ending a day in the park like the quintessential fireworks that take place at the Magic Kingdom’s Happily Ever After Show. Beat the crowds by purchasing a fireworks and desert package that offers special seating and a choice of delicious desserts.

Celebrate the Holidays – Walt Disney Style

If possible don’t miss the Christmas magic at Disney World, while Mickey’s Halloween party offers Not-So-Scare trick-a-treat fun within the park.

Could the Haunted House Spook You?

When it comes to the fast-past list, the Haunted House is not to be missed, and do keep an eye out for the hitchhiking ghosts, part of this paranormal slow-driving family ride. While you in the queue enjoy some great laughs by checking out the fantastically worded gravestones.

Kilimanjaro Safari, an Immersive Experience for the Entire Family

Take this ride as early as you can for the very best viewing of animals such as giraffes, lions and elephants.

Do Dine at one of the Newest Restaurants called Be Our Guest

Book well in advance as its basically impossible to get reservations in this tremendous Beauty and the Best style atmosphere.

Use the Jedi master’s Force

In Hollywood Studios the Star Wars experience arrive only in 2019, but that does not mean the family can’t hitch a ride on the Star Wars Tour adventures and at night a spectacular Star Wars firework show weaves all the films together.

Ride the Mine Train to Discover all there is About the Seven Dwarfs and Snow White

It’s a thrill ride that the whole family will remember for years to come, it takes you to the caves and caverns that tells the tale of Snow White and her Dwarfs.

Have Breakfast in Special Mickey Mouse Style

It’s an all you care to eat buffet that offers Mickey pancakes, waffles and whatever else you can or can’t imagine. Plus, you’ll meet Mickey as well as his friends as they come around to your table, which most certainly will be one of the highlights of your visit.

Have Afternoon Tea with Alice in Wonderland

Let all fear go and allow yourself to fall down the magic rabbit hole where kids 3 to 10 years get to decorate their own cakes and cookies while sipping on apple juice. They can also dine with Mad Hatter and Alice as they tell stories about grand celebrations and adventures.

Spending the Holidays in the Big Apple

While New York City may not be the number one travel destination you consider when planning a trip with the family, there are still tons of things to do in the city that will interest all the family members, no matter the age. This crazy large city with eye-catching skylines can cause even the most indifferent person to the city to reconsider and give New York a try. Though, no matter what some people will end up disliking it while others love it. Nevertheless, you should always give this city a fair shot. Listed below are some ways to plan the perfect trip to New York!

How Long Should You Stay

Many people have agreed that the best length to stay in New York is anywhere between three days to a week and a half. This will give you the perfect amount of time to see some of the things that the city has to offer without overwhelming you and your family while on the trip. Plus, the kids would appreciate having a shorter trip as it will motivate them to get out and explore.

Getting Around

Out of every place that you could visit and rent a car, New York isn’t one of them. This is mainly due to how crowded the streets an easily become during all hours of the day – and driving around in a major city can seem to be a daunting task at times and could extend travelling to a destination that would’ve originally only taken twenty minutes to over an hour. The best ways to get around is by either taking one of the many subways, a taxi, the bus, or by foot! While it may seem tedious, it’s honestly not that bad, and you can find hidden gems around the city even better.

Things to do in the City

One of the best ways to explore the city and its fantastic views is by going on one of the boat tours. One of the best options is to take the Circle Line Cruise as it will take you and the family on a two and a half hour trip around the skyline of Manhattan, which will allow for a ton of family-friendly photos. Though if you’re looking for a more cost-efficient choice the Staten Island Ferry which will show a similar view of Manhattan and Staten Island – which shows the lovely statue of liberty as well! Though price wise? It’s completely free no matter the age.


Some families and couples who visit New York would get a kick out of the plethora of museums that display some impressive works of art and history that can catch the attention of any family member. One of the most notable museums in the city is the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

It’s undeniable that Central Park is the biggest and most famed park in the city. Which makes it the perfect place to take a nice stroll in no matter the season. The winter and the summers are beautiful, and the kids are sure to find something fun to get into.